Support Solutions for Business

The largest area of our organisation is support. Having designed and deployed a solution, we remain constantly on hand to support it.

We offer varying degress of support to suit your level of need and budget.

Until recently we've only offered support to existing clients, but due to increasing demand, we now operate an ad-hoc support service too.


Call 020 7100 1447 and talk to one of friendly engineers today!

We also provide:

  • Open Source Support (Open Office suite, Firefox, Thunderbird)
  • Darq Help Desk Support (email & phone)
  • Remote Access Support (very fast response times)
  • On-site support (for vague, complex, or critical problems)
  • Deadline support (engineers on-call, and if necessary onsite, to guarentee you don't miss a deadline - like security guards guarentee you don't get beaten up)
  • Emergency support (with CC payment - once the money has cleared you have our undivided attention)