We've been providing reliable web hosting since we started in 2001, and our systems have simply gotten better and better in that time.  Typically we provide hosting to our existing customers, but if you're in need of top quality, extremely quick web servers, we'd be happy to talk to you.  We Guarantee 99.5% uptime as standard with all our hosting products.

Hosting Prices Autumn / Winter 2007

Managed hosting £10 p/m
Bootiq CMS hosting £20 p/m

Co-Location & dedicated servers

We're also able to provide a secure environment in our London or Amsterdam hosting facilities for your own hardware (co-location) or hardware rented from us(dedicated servers).  All machines are managed by us remotely using either FreeBSD or Solaris using servers from IBM or Sun Microsystems.  See our Co-Location and Dedicated servers for more details.

99.5% Network Guarantee

We guarantee at the very least 99.5% uptime - if we are down for more than a total of 3.6 hours any given month, that month is free. It also means that while we will attempt to avoid it, your server may be rebooted.

We'll honor this guarantee even to customers that do not complain. Most places only give complainers refunds. Complainers are less-profitable customers than the people that "bear with it." We believe that by treating non-complainers as well as complainers, we'll attract non-complainers from other services that treat complainers better than non-complainers. Our policy is this: if one customer gets a discount or refund for our mistake, all similarly effected customers get a discount or refund of the same value.

Darq Facebook Fan Page

We've recently created a Darq Facebook Fan page, so if you use facebook feel free to add us!


Our MD, Ian Morrison, has been on for a while, but only recently has he started using it actively.  If you're interested in working with Darq, and you're on LinkedIn, please feel free to add us.  If you're an existing customer, please feel free to write a testimonial too!

Sun Resellers

Darq recently became a  Sun Reseller as part of our shift towards being more energy efficient. Sun equipment tends to use less power, so we're now able to sell Sun servers, storage and Sun Ray desktop replacements. We're investing heavily in Sun Ray Thin Clients, which use just 4.6 watts (compared to 90 watts for a Mac Mini). Give us a call to see a demo at our Old Street office

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