What's a Managed Operating System?

Managed Operating systems are simply those which are installed in a certain and specific way, providing a simple and elegent solution to the rather hairy problem of "what if it all goes wrong?".

At darq we understand that running reliable services is about keeping things clean. Over time your machines gather entropy, the gradual process of change that results in a computer drifting into an unknown state. The causes for this are numerous; installing software in a care free way on an ad-hoc basis, not paying attention to automatic system updates, or simply not knowing how the computer got to be the way it is. As entropy increases, not only can performance drop, but the machine becomes a seperate entitiy in the network, developing it's own quirks and idiosyncrosies.

In order to keep something running reliably you need to understand how it works. If you don't know what state the machine is in, you're not in a very good position to understand it. You might be able to rectify the change, if you can work out what happened. You might have all day to fiddle with it until it's better again. But if not, the best way to bring a machine back into the known state is to reinstall it. We make easily repeated installations of the operating system, applications, and configuration data, so that regardless of when you need them they "just work".

Managed operating systems are our way of keeping your systems robust and reliable. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux and FreeBSD, we firstly discuss your requirements, then build your company specific configuration and automated installation process. This provides a standard set of tools and access to data from any managed machine.

  • Simplifies your staff training.
  • Makes best available use of your support time.
  • Allows users to work from any other managed computer
  • Ensures your machines are always stable and work as you expect.
  • Allows any inhouse support staff to leverage darq's specialist expertise.
  • Provides an easy way to add additional software in an optimal configuration
  • Our managed installations are as lean as possible, with any unused software removed. This enables much quicker startup times.
  • As entropy builds, we can remotely reinstall one or all of the computers overnight.

This kind of managed rollout has previously only been available to large support teams working in medium size companies. It's a complex mix of consultancy and engineering, and if we didn't understand each element of the solution, it simply wouldn't work. Many companies offer something that sounds similar using image based installations. While these are fine for large departments of identical machines, the management overhead of maintaining different images across different computers soon becomes more trouble than its worth. That's why many companies are reluctant to offer such a service at all, and if they do are unable to match our performance and economy.

To begin managing your operating systems we need to first meet with you and your staff, and understand what they use their computers for. From there we can determine a specification and build funtionally identical systems. Once we've built a reference platform that you're happy with, we can then set about building the delivery mechanism (we typically use the network, but can also rebuild systems from floppy disk, usb flashdrives or cdrom). Then we steadily merge your computers into the standard configuration, until all of your computers are under control.

At that point you can sit back, confident that whatever happens to your software, we can bring your entire organisation back to a working state in just a couple of hours.

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Sun Resellers

Darq recently became a  Sun Reseller as part of our shift towards being more energy efficient. Sun equipment tends to use less power, so we're now able to sell Sun servers, storage and Sun Ray desktop replacements. We're investing heavily in Sun Ray Thin Clients, which use just 4.6 watts (compared to 90 watts for a Mac Mini). Give us a call to see a demo at our Old Street office

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