Solutions for New Businesses

When you're starting a business, time and money are in short supply. You need the absolute minimum to start with, something that you can add to later, grown organically, with a clear plan to help you avoid the pitfalls that distract your competitors.

New Business Opensource Starter Package

From just £1999+VAT we can set you up with:

  • IBM ThinkPad Laptop (configured with Ubuntu Linux)
  • A complete suite of industry leading opensource software
  • OpenOffice Suite (Word Processor, Presentation maker, Spreadsheet, Drawing)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Web browser)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (Email Client)
  • Network switch and network cables to connect additional computers
  • 3 Months Secure Off-site backup.
  • Broadband connection setup with you choice of Internet Provider (we currently recommend Be Unlimited
  • Access to our remote support helpdesk.
  • Managed Hardware firewall (shares the Internet with any connected computers, protects against worms and online attacks).

This unique combination of computer, opensource software and networking hardware provide a secure environment for you to go about your business.  Many individuals starting a business start out working on a single computer without a network and use proprietary software like Microsoft Office to run their business.  But as they grow, they're locked into expensive software before discovering it doesn't work as well as they thought it might.  Files get corrupted, emails get lost, and as they try to add more users, the overhead of buying software licenses, working out what upgrades to buy and keeping the whole system running becomes a real hassle.

Our solution comes ready to run and scales easily.  There are no licensing costs, just a simple retainer for our support time which we spend helping you get the most out of your new reliable opensource system.  Add additional laptops for the cost of a new machine whenever you want - we'll create the network and you simply plug in as many machines as you like.

The use of a dedicated hardware firewall starts you off on the right foot, keeping unauthorised traffic at bay and the configuration of your computers to a minimum.  If your laptop is damaged or stolen, simply get a new machine and plug in to your network without having to worry about complicated network configuration or strange server settings.

  • Helps you get back online in a hurry in case of emergency.

In short, everything you need to get your new business off to a flying start.

Given your unique situation, we can show you where it's safe to compromise now and stagger your investment over time. This allows you to concentrate on what you're best at, and allows us to help you make technology decisions that you won't regret in the future.

High quality websites that are easy for you to update regularly

If you're considering starting an e-business, our bespoke web framework "bootiq" provides an easy way to manage a professional site yourself. From a simple company site (like ours) to CRM integrated online stores, and something altogether different, bootiq is available off the peg or made to measure. Basic sites start at £999, including a year's free hosting and helpdesk support.

Along the way you'll need domains registered, offsite backup, remote access from home, email set up on your mobile phone or simply someone to offer advice and a helping hand in unfamiliar territory. Darq is with you every step of the way, offering pragmatic and useful advice.

Darq Facebook Fan Page

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Our MD, Ian Morrison, has been on for a while, but only recently has he started using it actively.  If you're interested in working with Darq, and you're on LinkedIn, please feel free to add us.  If you're an existing customer, please feel free to write a testimonial too!

Sun Resellers

Darq recently became a  Sun Reseller as part of our shift towards being more energy efficient. Sun equipment tends to use less power, so we're now able to sell Sun servers, storage and Sun Ray desktop replacements. We're investing heavily in Sun Ray Thin Clients, which use just 4.6 watts (compared to 90 watts for a Mac Mini). Give us a call to see a demo at our Old Street office

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