Sun Ray Thin Clients

Thin Clients are cheaper, quieter, easier to manage and more secure than standard PCs, and Sun Ray Thin Clients are cheaper, quieter, easier to manage than any other thin client.  The idea is that the Thin Client has just enough resources to connect to a server and draw the users screen over the network.  It's cheaper to manage, because Thin Client hardware doesn't need to be updated anywhere near as often as traditional desktop PC's - a typical PC has a useful life of around 1 year and is full of complicated parts that can fail.  Thin Clients, on the other hand, are extremely simple devices with no moving parts, and because all the memory, processing power and storage comes from the server, looking after multiple desktop machines has become an unnecessary expense.

Sun Ray 2 low cost thin client

We are, to our knowledge, the only Sun Resellers in London to keep a supply of Sun Ray Thin Clients in stock. We also have a fully working demo setup in our London offices, so please call and arrange an appointment if you'd like to see how it all works.

Hot Desking is one of the major features Sun Ray's provide, and it works very well. In the middle of a user session, removing the SmartCard from the front of the client will revert the client back to a log-in window. Placing the card into another client will bring up a log-in window, and with a valid password, the user’s entire session appears exactly as it was on the original client.  This means that if a device fails, a member of staff can simply move to another desk and carry on their work.

Furthermore, the Sun Ray clients are truly stateless devices. Whereas some thin clients come with an embedded OS, such as Windows XP Embedded or Linux, Sun Ray clients have no onboard OS, but instead have a very simple firmware that can connect to a remote server. Thus, they require no significant management and will pull new firmware versions when prompted by the server during their boot process.

Sun Ray 2 Thin Client and Virtual Display Client

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Sun Resellers

Darq recently became a  Sun Reseller as part of our shift towards being more energy efficient. Sun equipment tends to use less power, so we're now able to sell Sun servers, storage and Sun Ray desktop replacements. We're investing heavily in Sun Ray Thin Clients, which use just 4.6 watts (compared to 90 watts for a Mac Mini). Give us a call to see a demo at our Old Street office

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