Setting up Apple Mail for Secure Email

On this page we list the steps required to configure your Darq secure email account using the Apple Mail (aka  If at any point you get stuck, we recommend you download and install Mozilla Thunderbird from or look for support on the Apple forums.  As an opensource consultancy, we recomend and support only Open Source software.  Any help we're able to give on commercial products is best effort only.

Step by step instuctions


Enter your Fullname (as you'd like it to appear to recipients of your messages), Email address and password as provided to you by the Darq helpdesk.

Choose IMAP as account type and add a description so you can tell at a glance which account this is.  Enter as the mail server, your email address as username, and your password again for the password.

For the outgoing server, again enter  Tick the "Use Authentication" box and enter your username (which is always your email address) and password.

Check that the details are correct and click create.

Send a test mail to either yourself, or our helpdesk.

If you mail our helpdesk you'll first get an automatic reply providing you with a ticket number.  We use this number to efficiently track any queries and to make sure that minor problems aren't forgotten about.

Soon after you'll recieve a message from our staff letting you know that it's worked.  Congratulations!