Filer - the alternative to large attachments

Filer is a web based service that allows you to share files with others through a branded extranet.  Our customers use it as a replacement for FTP because FTP is often too complex for their customers to understand.  We developed it in-house as an alternative to sending large email attachments or using complicated file transfer programs providing the following advantages over standard ftp:

Typically clients link to the service from their website, which can be in the form of a client log in button, or a minimal username and password form. Client access is granted through an administration area, where accounts are managed and activity displayed.

Screenshot of our ftp replacement Filer branded file transfer portal

Some of our clients that are using Filer include:

Splice TV - TV Facilities house in Hoxton
Use filer to allow clients to sign off edits by uploading quicktime previews. Files of this size are impossible to transfer reliably over email. Files are simply dragged from their fileserver into the online space, and are transferred quickly in the background.

makeUP - Shoreditch Graphic designers
Love filer because it's file preview feature allows clients to see what they're downloading before actually downloading it. As their work is often a number of large graphics or pdf documents, it allows clients to approve their work quicker than email.

Tekano - Soho 3D animation
Sends a lot of files around and ftp is too difficult for some of his clients to use. Filer's add to zip feature allows his clients to download many files at once, presenting them with as few clicks as possible. He can also see when clients have logged in, providing a heads-up to help if it looks like there are problems.

In addition to the branded service used by the companies above, we also offer filer without special styling. 4 basic skins are provided, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your company logo.

Space Price
1GB £20
5GB £30




30GB £90
40GB £130
80GB £200
160GB £320


If you use more space than your current package, you'll automatically go up to the next package until your usage drops back down. We need to do it this way because by the time we're able to measure your usage, our disk space and bandwidth have already been used. Please note that it is your responsibility to monitor your storage usage. If you're not sure how much space you're using, please email and we can explain how much space you're using, and how to find out for yourself.